A customized ECM or PCM with our performance calibration is the CHEAPEST and usually the ONLY way to increase the performance level of your computer controlled fuel injected gasoline or diesel engine.


Whether it's gasoline or diesel we can turn up the boost, make that transmission shift right, remove speed and rev limiting, while improving fuel efficiency, and overall drivability. We've invested considerable time developing high mileage performance calibrations for your GM, Ford, and Dodge vehicles. Check our Services and Tuning Information for more details.



Our custom performance tune will outperform any marketed "Handheld

Programmer" Guaranteed or your money back!" 

*When programmed to our specifications not yours*



News July 2014


Bolt on's for 2010-2014 now available in the products section.


Chevy Camaro V6 - V8 - ZL1

Chevy Corvette Z06 - ZR1

Chevy SS Sedan

Dodge Challenger - Charger - SRT8

Pontiac G8 - G6 -GXP


Contact  for details on our intake and tune package pricing. 


News June 2014


Custom tunes built for Diablo Sport Predator. Send us the current tune with a data log.



 Wrangler 3.6L

 Grand Cherokee 5.7L, 6.4L SRT-8


DIABLOSPORT for Dodge 2014 +

  •  Avenger




 Durango (5.7L, V6)

 Ram 1500/2500

Ram: 8-Speed Trans Only



DIABLOSPORT for Chrysler 2014 +

 Chrysler 200

 Chrysler 300



News May 2014


New stealth tuning solutions are available for OBD2 vehicles 2005 and up please contact us for more details!













Gas prices are on the rise in NYC!
Get tuned and see how we can save you money on fuel costs and increase the overall performance of your gas or diesel powered vehicle
Increases in fuel economy and performance are typical and will vary with each vehicle use our
 Our Gas Mileage Tips combined with an economy tune to maximize your mileage










2009 Pontiac GXP Tune results coming soon!




2009 CTS-V stock tune 12.14. Tune results coming soon! Dyno results are here



Tune results for the 2010 Camaro on our dyno results page and videos are on the





Tune Results for the 2009 Corvette ZR1 coming soon!




2006 Chevy SSR with a 91-93 dual octane tune got an increase from 18 to 24 MPG.




2006 Trail Blazer SS with a 93 hot tune averaged 17 MPG on the highway.




2002 Envoy with an economy tune achieve 24.8 mpg on the highway.





2010 SRT8 Jeep 0-60 after custom Diablo Sport Tune.













Tuning options are currently available for  GM gas, Duramax diesel, Dodge, Chrysler, European, and MEFI ECM boat controllers!  Contact for more details and pricing information.








  • GM knock Modules 1994+


  • Blank GM ECM's













Check if your vehicle is covered under our flash programming systems?


See the vehicle coverage pages below. if your vehicle is not listed please call.

Vehicle coverage for GM LS1 system


Vehicle coverage for GM LS2 system


       Vehicle coverage for Ford system